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First off let me say this...Healtech Electronics lists ONE seller for their products, NOT true. You can buy them many places, I had a VERY bad experience with their listed distributor/sole seller. Anyway on to the story...
I had wanted a gear indicator as a "fun farkle" i've been riding long enough to feel I subconsciously know what gear i'm in, but still, hey a farkle is a farkle and who doesn't love a little electronic gadetry? The one thing i forgot to take a picture of is the box. It's about 7 inchesx4 inchesx3 inces. You open it up and all you see is the device itself. There's 3 zip ties and thats it.
N O T E : Most suzuki bikes use a TRIANGLE shaped Gear Position Sensor harness, the DL650 and SV650 use a SQUARE sensor harness. MAKE SURE YOU ORDER THE HARNESS ADAPTER!!!!!!!!

anyway, on to the install. . .

The first thing you need to do is locate the sensor. I ended up taking off the left (as if you are sitting on the bike) panel by your butt, the matte black piece ahead of that, propped up the take, took of the inner black plasic of the fairing by the steering head and the luggage. I found that the way the bike is wired, this is needed for the most access. Now, contrary to the instructions for the GI PRO (mine came with none, you can download them from their site or I can send them to you in pdf format) the sensor is NOT under the tank. It is pushed up between the spars of the rear subframe and is rather difficult to get to.
This is a shot of the harness attached as is in the bike. You'll know its the right harness due to the PINK, BLUE, and BLACK wires.

I loosened up the wiring on the bike by cutting a few of the OEM zip ties to give some slack to take another picture. I also put the side cover back on just to give you a point of reference to where you should be looking.

The next step is to disconnect the OEM GPS harness. The best way to knwo you did this correctly (correct harness) is before you do anything. Place the bike in neutral and the green neutral light should go on. Unplug the harness, turn the power back on, and the light should NOT light up.
Now you'll need a small awl or jeweler's flat head screw driver because you need to pop the wires out of the plastic piece. This is the OEM SQUARE plug:

You now need to replace these with the supplied adapter pieces (just triangular harness pieces) in order for the GI Pro to work properly. Here's a shot of the OEM verus adapter plugs:

Now that the adapters are on you can connect everything together. It's easy, just push the pieces together, duh! Here's a shot of everything connected, and despite appearances, there really isn't that much wire to run up to the instrument cluster.

And a close-up:

What i did, before i went and routed the head unit, i connect the power lead (just one postive wire) to my fuse block to make sure it powered up. All good at this point.

The next step is to run the head unit up to the instrument cluster. I ended up running the wire on the outside of the left frame spar, snaked inside the fairing and up along the left top/inside edge of the fair. The unit just BARELY fit in the center of my speedometer. I then used wire clips to attach the wire to the fairing and then zip ties to secure the wire to the main OEM harness in the fairing. The unit secures to the speedo via use of velcro. I tried for about 2 hours to figure a way to get the unit on my tachometer, but there just isn't enough wire, no matter which side of the bike or route i used.
Put the bike back together and now you have to "train" the unit since it doesn't "know" the DL650 gear maps. It's easy, press and hold a button on the bottom of the display unit and it tells you what gear to select. You shift to the gear and after you reach 6th gear,it has "learned" the bike. You also have the option of activated the timing retard eliminator. It's general opinion to use the 6th gear map if you are not using a GSXR1000. A 45 second process to train the unit. Simple and easy. Now the device is ready to go.
Here's a shot of the finished product, notice the 0, it means neutral and notice how the neutral light still works:

Lastly i had to get this shot in, my fiancee decided to jump in and help on the installation while i was busy jotting down notes so here she is:

Now that it is installed, i like it. It's quick to recognize gears and i really like the ambient light sensitivity. The display automatically and immediately adjusts its brightness in relation to the light around it, however it's weird looking when in a tunnel and the lights in the tunnel and trip it and it looks like it's fading in and out. Freaked me out at first, i thought something was wrong until it dawned on me. All in all a relatively straight-forward installation, and a great product. I can't say i notice any huge difference with the timing retard eliminator activated but then again, i didn't buy this for performance enhancements.

I also typed this post in a rush to eat dinner so I apologize in advance for any typos. Feel free to ask me any questions or for more pictures.

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Thanks for the pre-dinner posting and tips, Alex - especially since mine is arriving in a few days.

It's disappointing that the wire isn't long enough to mount to the tach. I was planning to mount mine above the instrument cluster behind the windshield (so it's in my line of sight). Perhaps a little cutting and splicing will be in order once I know I like it. I'll post my findings later this week when it's all said and done.

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