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Picked the Wee up yesterday and loved the ride home - just not enough wind. Had some chores to do this morning, but before noon was able to "borrow" my wife's hairdryer and go out and get the safety stickers off her (the bike, not the wife - she didn't come with safety warnings). :green_lol:

Used some Goo Gone that I picked up at the auto parts store to remove the remaining glue residue off the tank and threw on a quick coat of wax. Then it was time to have a little "get to know her" ride.

Took a spin down Bayou Tortue Road that has a couple of twisties on it. Noticed that the Wee was SO MUCH lighter than the cruiser I sling around. Man, what a difference. Bike hugged the road and a couple of turns where I usually scrape pegs, my feet were no where close to making contact. It felt that if you scrape pegs on the Wee, your lean angle is enough that you might be going down. Had plenty of room.....

Anyway, took a spin out to St Martinsville and stopped at the Evangeline Oak - made famous by Longfellow.

Then rode the long way over to the Henderson Levee out in the swamplands. Spun off on some places, I wouldn't even think about taking the cruiser.

Stopped at the pontoon bridge by Butte La Rose. This bridge was in the movie, The Apostle, with Robert Duvall. When he drives his car into a river, he crawls out on this bridge - suppose to be in Texas, but we were living out there when they closed the bridge to film the scene. Water is high due to the flood waters coming out of Morganza Spillway from the Mississippi River flooding.

In fact, some of the houses still have water in them. This use to be my Aunt's house. She left it about 10 years ago after having a stroke and passed away a couple of months ago. Those are the tops of sandbags along the road.

Then road some backroads and eventually stopped at a lane.....well, you can read the sign.

Don't want to get tooooo wild yet on the Wee, but wanted to see how it handled gravel roads....all I can say is, handles them GREAT! Scenic route back home. Only got in about 130 miles today - but I got to know her a little and love what I have seen thus far!!!! :thumbup: Oh, and still haven't dropped to under half a tank of gas yet.....Love the Wee!!!!

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