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Greetings from Norway.

Im new on this forum, i found it today when checking out details about a bike im looking at.
I`ve been dreaming about owning a V-Strom since it came out early 2000 but i havent quite had the funds for it. Bought a BMW F650 2 years ago and while its a nice bike to ride i cant shake the need for a V-Strom.

The bike im going for is a 650, mainly because the price for the 1000 i sky high here in Norway. Age wise i`ll probably land somewhere between 2004-2008.
My question is what things i should be looking out for, known faults and such. How does the engine hold up after its done a few miles. One specific bike im looking at has done 35 000 miles, is there something i should be aware of there?
That bike allso comes with a G-pack, how much gain do you get from that? And can it damage the engine in any way?

Hope you guys have a few pointers for me, i`de really like to avoid buying some crappy bike that ruins the V-Strom Experience for me.

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