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General clutch issues + chudder on a 03 DL1000

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I recently bought a 03 DL1000 with 64k km on the meter. I was allready informed about the infamous chudder between 2 and 4000 rpm spand - no surprises there. However, what do surprise me is the difficulty of getting the bike into motion in 1st gear. It feels almost as the clutch plates are worn (out?). The bike often do a few kangaroo jumps before accelerating normally. I have managed to avoid this a few times if I am extremely sensitive on the clutch handle when putting the bike into motion.

Any idea what this can be? Can it be worned out clutch plates? If so, what else might need replacement?

Thanks from a seemingly happy V-Strom owner in Norway.
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Sounds like what is called "clutch slap". Not worn plates, but worn parts in the clutch basket that catch and then slip to another position under load. Hard to modulate when stuff is moving around that much. A modified clutch basket has fixed it in every case so far. YOu won't need new clutch plates, yours should still be in near new condition. Just a clutch basket, gasket, maybe a new hub nut.
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