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I recently purchased a secondhand '05 Vee, and thus far am absolutely loving it. going from my little 150cc learner bike to the 650 has been's nice to have some guts under me when I want it.

I recently made the 4.5 hr trip home to see the folks, and dad was showing me how to check and change the chain tension, and he noticed that the chain had become "warped"...tight in some spots and loose in others, and said it should be replaced.

No probs.

After doing some reading around the forums, most people are recommending to change the rear sprocket at the same time.

First question...should the front sprocket be changed as well (bike is just shy of 40,000 kms)? Why/why not, or rather at what point/conditions should it be replaced?

My next question comes from fuel efficiency. I was getting about 500kms out of a 16ltr fuel tank on my previous bike. I'm now getting about 350kms out of the Vee. I was expecting to use more fuel obviously, but I wouldn't have expected this much more fuel. Does that consumption sound about right for what is stock gearing?

I also would have expected to see a netter fuel economy on trips, doing more consistent speeds, but I got the exact same fuel economy as I do around town.

Is there a better sprocket option than the stock (which from what I infer from other posts is 17/40) to give greater fuel efficiency? At 60km/hr in 4th the bike is doing roughly 3600rpm, while in 7th at 110km/hr, the bike is doing about 6000rpm. Or is the warped chain going to beplaying havoc with fuel economy, meaning I should just stick with the stock sprocket setup and replace the chain?

I'm not the most mechanically minded person (I bet you didn't see that coming), so any advice is appreciated?
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