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Second nod to HWK ..there is a thread here as well

I've had my HWK gear for 5 months and about 10,000 km.
Everything has held up in terms of stitching and velcro. Of course the white gets dirty but would rather have the viz. Took this to show of the matching Shark Evoline 3 convertible.
Ditto to the post above, ventilation is superb. I'm in the now discontinued mesh pants. You can really customize the fit and get air flowing through cuffs, up the arms and even down my back as there are four water proof ( maybe ) vents - two at biceps and two at shoulders. It's cooler that my Joe Rocket mesh and much lighter.
Pockets are good and inside pocket is water proof.
White Glove Black Helmet Sleeve

Fits to size.

Ended up with the HWK jacket, the mesh pants and the cargo pants for under $200 Australian ...about $150 US. !!

Opted for Shark Evoline III which I'm wearing closed above and will wear most often in 3/4 style. I cannot photograph in closed position and I like to hydrate and snack on the go.
Spent too many years cooped up in a Bell Star FF.
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