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I have a Garmin 660. I mistakenly thought a 390 would be better (newer, costs more).

I bought a 390 and installed it today. Battery was dead and would not charge on the USB from my MAC. I put it on an external charger for four hours, it got up to about 25% charge.

I plugged it back into the Mac and ran Garmin Express. GE first wanted to update itself, so I let it. Then GE wanted to install map and software upgrades to the 390. I let it. The process crashed four times before it finished.

GE said to disconnect the GPS from the computer and restart the GPS, wait until it completely booted, then connect to the computer again. It would not start with the on/off switch. Plugged it back in, it proudly proclaimed the update was done. Unmounted it from the computer. Would not start up, no reaction on the screen to the on/off switch. Connected it to the ever so lame motorcycle mount, nothing. Won't start up.

Boxed it back up and UPS can take the POS back to Amazon for a refund. I have owned a lot of Garmin products, starting with one that didn't even have maps a long time ago. There have been a lot of stinkers in the mix, and a very few jewels. The 660 sucks, but it beats the crap out of the 390. I wish I still had my 550, that was a good unit.
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