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Well my trusty Zumo 550 finally started to die a slow death. Three different bikes, countless monsoons, freezing temps, continuous use when riding, 2 crashes......and my friend becomes wonky. I had already repaired the power button, the case was skinned up from flying off in a wreck and the internal battery was shot.

If you use a cell phone you can just shake your head and find another thread. I have a phone too, I know what they do.

I sort of got lucky. I was surfing about a month ago and was looking at the 395. I was about to buy one when I see that the 396 had replaced it. Then I see an Ebay coupon, and well the deal was done. List $400, with coupon $340. My old 550 was about $560 new.

This 396 LMT Zumo is better than the 550 in almost every way.

- It has a bigger screen.
- The screen is just as bright.
- The unit shows the speed limit where you are. This is a welcome change. It gives you a prompt when the speed limit is reducing.
- Lifetime map updates, 2 per year. Traffic warning capability (have not used this yet).
- The unit is much better looking, thinner, and lighter. Feels more durable. No buttons, all touch screen.
- The screen desktop allows you to personalize the settings to a greater degree.
- It was cheaper. Mainly because it only comes with what you need for using on a bike. No extra car mounts with it.
- More memory.
- Faster satellite acquisition.
- Better UI and easier to use keyboard.
- Very solid mount.

- There is no screw/security lock like a 550. It just snaps into the base. I like this better really. Some may not.
- The road number text is slightly smaller. Mine is mounted on the left handlebar and I can see it fine with old eyes.
- It did not have a travel case like my 550 did for "off-bike" storage. I am using the one from my 550.

- I started to buy the 595LM (the current top of the line Zumo model at $700), the bigger brother to the 396. I am glad I did not. I thought the larger display would be nice, but the 396 is actually just right for me. Personally, I thought the 550 was over priced for what it offered and the 396 is a much better value. The new unit is just as easy to use with gloved fingers or the thumb of my mitten as my old one was.

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Did you see this thing is now $250 at the GPS store. Even I couldn't resist one. ;-)
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