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It works fine as long as you use a remote antenna and have a Garmin Marine mount for this unit.

The Marine mount has a lock to hold the unit in the mount. The automotive mount for the 276C is only a snap in with no lock.

I was prepared to drill my own holes in the SWM plate but was pleasantly surprised that if I disassemble the Garmin Marine mount, there are four unused holes in it that fit the SWM plate perfectly. Four SS #6 screws, washers and nylocks and Bam! It's on. The SWM puts the GPS unit right where it needs to be.

The antenna on the 276C won't fit under the stock winshield or a Givi windshield. I had a remote antenna kit already but you can make one easy with the right co-ax connectors. I drilled the left side of the dash and mounted it there. The thing is, only friction is holding the antenna on the remote mount.

Sorry for the lame glare on that one picture but I was too lazy to take the windshield off again:rolleyes:

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