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fuse block question

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I am looking at installing a fuse block to handle the wiring for accessories like GPS, heated grips, heated vest, battery tender, etc. Eastern Beaver sells a fuse block and I have also found one at Anyone have any input on which of these is better or if there are any other fuse blocks out there that are better than these two for the Vstrom?
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In my view any one of the three mentioned above would be a good solution. Do lots of homework and look at all the many threads on here and on Eastern Beavers website then make you own mind up.

I chose the Fuzeblock design because it has the relay built in seemed tidy for me and I am not sorry I did. Eastern Beaver prewired bits make it a plug and play solution by utilizing wiring on the bike close to the area you want to put the block. They also sell really perfect connectors and wiring connectors for every application you may wish to do. I bought a lot of unnessary stuff as I kept changing my mind how I wanted to wire mine up but in the end I had a very tidy intall and learned how to take the tank of and other stuff as a bonus . The Wee's have very good bodywork components which if you take the time to learn what NOT to do to avoid damage come on and off very logically and easily if you know the tricks. There are folks on here who have documented every step and it was well worth the read and even printing the pictures if you want to get anal about it.

Between the forum here, and the Eastern Beaver pictures and directions even a moron like me was able to get a good result. I love that my GPS comes on with my ignitioin now and I don't have to worry about running my battery down. Take your time with the install whichever way you go and you will be very confident in working on your bike going forward.

Good luck and enjoy. !!!!!!!!!!! :thumbup:
:thumbup: +1.....Centech AP-1 here.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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