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I started reading a thread on another forum and was really surprised and not a little worried by the mpg figures quoted on there and I think my bike may have a problem.

It is a 2002 Vee and has been seriously abused by several former keepers, but I intend to restore it to its former glory. I have serviced most of the bike but I haven't inspected or changed the air filter yet and I've no idea whether anybody has messed with the fuelling either.

I'm only getting 110 miles out of a tank and I wouldn't say I thrash it, but I do like to accelerate quickly.

I've noticed that the tacho seems to be giving shorter readings for trips than sat nav and google maps etc give by about 25%. For instance, my trip to work is 20 miles according to sat navs and Google maps, but my tripometer only has it at 15 miles. Could this inaccuracy (if it is an inaccuracy) also be showing on the fuel consumption too and what could be the possible causes?

I have to say though, in general I'm quite happy with the consumption compared to my car and I haven't gone for a ride with a sat nav fitted yet to see how accurate the speedo and tacho actually are. Riding at 70 on single carriageways feels more like 80 with the wind buffeting and the torque getting there and I can't imagine riding much above 70mph even on the motorway unless I change the screen or dip down a good 10 inches behind the current screen. This would of course take me back to the days of ringing the neck out of my Fizzy.
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