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FS: The “WTF” THIN-STROM that started it all !!

Once upon a time….a few years back…the first WTF came to life.

30+ years of riding/ servicing/ repairing and bolting bits onto bikes (our own and plenty of mate’s bikes) had finally pushed me past the threshold: I wanted to “build my own”!

Not something out of the box, not some farkle-mobile with bits from the Ebay/ Internet dangling off it….
Bought a "cosmetically challenged" insurance write-off and sat on the milk-crate in front of it for a while...

Progress and results were plastered on various forums around the globe ( as “home”-forum..., Stromtrooper, VSRI, DualSport Europe, German V-Strom forum etc) and the “THINSTROM -label “ was born, consequently evolving into a generic term for any/ all stripped-down V-Stroms….VEE and WEE alike.

Here’s the original, full-sized thread as things rolled along during the built

As mentioned near the tail-end of the thread, the “Better Half” claimed the bike after the first spin up the nearby twisties…a “10min lap around the block”… turning into an hour and a half of anxious waiting on my part…

“You can wash and service it…I’t's MINE!!”….and so I did ever since.

Another 1000 and 650 followed and turned the place into the "Cradle of the WTFs/ ThinStroms"

The story and pics of the bike evolving… hand-fabricating many parts, the stumbles and little triumphs along the way and how it all came together… have gone around the globe, attracting tens-of-thousands of hits.

Despite all the encouragement over the years, I will NOT get involved in starting to make parts or kits to convert V-Stroms (or any other bike)….each of the bikes is a ONCE-OFFand will stay that way!

All of the bikes have held true to the comments of “factory-finish” …“looking even better in the flesh than in the pics”….and, most importantly “build-it-once and build-it-well”.
Not a single piece has come adrift, broken, busted, cracked, chafed-through, fallen out/off… or whatever.

And they get ridden, too…

Sad fact…there are too many bikes around the place and something has to go.:(:(

Here it is then:
For pics, scroll back to the top …

DL1000/ 2002

Registration (Victoria) until Sept ’09
Remus cans (Grand Prix, with custom Stainless bungs, removable)
Seat modification (tailored front, 15mm lowered riders perch, pillion is stock)
Fused 12V socket in tool-tray under seat
Custom Crash bars (cheap to replace….and removable within 5 mins)
Heated Grips (3-way)
Braided Goodridge lines up front (with tags re: legal, to keep insurers happy)
New Battery, Chain (DID XVM2) and sprockets @ 24.000km
TBS extension tubes (for quick servicing/ balancing throttle bodies)
Emgo mirrors
LED indicators allround and LED taillight (all with stamped lenses to be legal)
LED’s NOT wired with ballast, but with appropriate relay

Tourances both ends @~80+%

….and about 200hrs of blood, sweat and tears!

All parts are rubber-mounted/ grommets and mantling on wiring/ Stainless hardware

Needless to mention, that all tweaks and little extras that have transpired for that model have been done (i.e. the clutch-pushrod-“dustcover”).

4th/5th and 6th gear have been de-restricted via removal of the Secondary butterflies

Weight is 22.5kg down from stock.... and equivalent to a stock DL650.

I just serviced the bike @30.000km

Frame / engine etc…. ARE STOCK…anyone (or dealer) can service the bike with standard parts.

Goes without saying, that the bike’s in perfect nick...and clean as a whistle!
And the last 18.000k’s have proven that it was put together the right way at the start.

Here’s your chance then…this is a Strom like NO OTHER!!
AUD $ 7900

Topbox NOT included!

Glitch_oz at yahoo dot com

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I've followed your buildups on the ADV site until they invited me to leave.

I am a big fan of your ability to make parts of other bikes fit and look better than the factory parts. I am a compulsive fabricator, but your finished product always puts mine to shame. Someone with deep pockets should pay your very reasonable price and own a beautiful well sorted bike and then we'll follow along on your next project with the ineresting and good humored commentary that accompanies it.

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:) Thanks for the words.
There won't be another one a hurry, though....
With 4 big trips planned and one of them the daughter's wedding in the Carribean somewhere, there are just too many bikes in the garage (we'll also sell the "flying fridge", a little 125 scooter) :(:(

4 lots of rego/ insurance while not getting used much is just a bit stupid.
The heart bleeds, though....

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WTF....:confused::( this is not happening. Don't worry m8, I've sent the ambulance to come and get you. Some "pic me uppers" will sort everything out for you...just hang in there.:mod2_eek:
Oh... you're not thinking of making me an offer for the Farkmobile are you? :D

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Discussion Starter · #5 · (Edited)'s a sad day :(

It the one and only....THE ORIGINAL WTF
....but something has to give.

Goodie's shedding tears, believe me...but one can only ride one bike at a time and she loves the 650 just as much.

For me....I'm about to swap from your Heinekens to something with more "BANG" in a minute....this is like giving away your first-born.

I've known every bolt and nut of that bike for years now....and she's one hell of a sweet VEE.
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