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i am looking at getting a front wheel stand for my K5 Wee. if anyone in the area carried the Pit Bull stands i would suck it up, shell out the coin and go with those. but they are not available locally and i don't want to pay the extra freight to have them mail ordered.

Royal Distributing has several options availalbe. i got a rear stand last week and it works fine. for the front wheel, i thought i had it all figured out and was going to go with the under fork "cradle" style. then i watched some you tube videos which showed that those stands are designed to work on bikes where the front caliper bracket is mounted closer to the bottom of the fork.

for options that leaves the front stand with the small "pins" which pop into the hole at the bottom of the fork. this style looks much less stable than the cradle style. i am looking for feed back from anyone who is/has used either style of front fork stand.

thanks for the help.
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