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Front right break caliper

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I was riding on some light dirt roads yesterday and I heard a clinking noise. I went to pull over and I had no front breaks, I pulled the lever all the way in and nothing happened, I almost ate shit but I was able to stop with no problem. I got off the bike and the front right break caliper was hanging. Both bolts were missing. After I turned the bike off and on, the front break worked but only on the left side. I bungee'd the front right one up so it wasn't slapping against the rotor and drove home.
Am I going to have to bleed the breaks to get the pads to open up?
I know on my mountain bikes if you squeeze the breaks after you remove them then you have to bleed the whole system to get them to free up. Right now they're locked together.
Has this happened to anyone before?
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Brakes, eh?

or, in your case, Brokes.

Seems you're not the only one this has happened to. But, as with my mountain bike's brakes....a thin screwdriver will be able to pry the pads apart - no bleed necessary......use some non-permanent thread locker and put the caliper back on.

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use some non-permanent thread locker and put the caliper back on.
Or alternatively, you could uyse the proper torque on the bolts.

Would you glue the caliper on? No. So why would you glue the bolt on?
Just torque it right, it'll stretch and never come loose.

Loose bolts are the product of lazy or complacent mechanics who feel they can tell torque by hand and think there's only two torque settings to everything.

Seriously: buy yerself a good quality torque wrench; you'll save hundreds in lost bolts.
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