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front cyl sparkplug

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OK, I need a little help here. I've had the bike 3 weeks now. I was commuting home from work, 10 miles into a 25 mile ride. Stopped to put on rain gear, hit the starter and a loud popping noise from the front cyl made me hit the kill switch. I start groping around and I can feel the spark plug wiggle. I called my son and had him rescue me, the real drag was waiting in the rain.

Does anyone know of an online service manual that I could access? Do I need to pull the whole fairing to get the radiator off or moved out of the way?

k6 DL650, Madstad bracket and Adventure shield, SW Motech skidplate crashbars, pannier mounts, ammo can bags, heated grips and accessory power plug all by PO.

I live in southwest Montana, mostly I commute but there are lots of good dirt roads here. I do get to play some on weekends!

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Once you get the side cowlings off, you can take out the two bolts on the right side of the radiator and slip off the left side. That will allow enough space to get the tool kit's spark plug wrench in there.
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