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from whence the 5 volts?

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a coworker has been turning a sub liter kawaski into a chopper, something he has done with a variety of bikes. But this one he couldn't get to start, after redoing the wiring. The problem was the the 5 volt line for the computer. the Kaw uses a 100 ohm resistor in the ignition switch to drop battery voltage to 5 volts for the computer-not shown on the wiring diagram; his was shorted. How does the Wee provide 5 VDC for the computer?

szalmander '06 Wee with Ricor shocks fore and aft, and eastern beaver upgrades for the lights and fuse box.
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Being trained in electronics, I can assure you this is not the +5 volt powersupply for the computer. It is simply what is known as a "pull up" resistor.

As others have said, this pull-up resistor is used to help the computer 'know' if the ignition-switch is being bypassed.

The computer has a +5 volt regulator within it to provide a stable voltage using the 12 volts as the 'master' supply. This provides the voltage-regulator with 7 volts of 'overhead'.
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