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From a Vee to a Wee

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Had a 2005 V-Strom 1000 and loved it. Did some serious touring on the Goldwing for a few years, but missed the V-Strom. This time I thought I would try the 650.

Working a long term assignment in Pasadena, CA. and needed a great commuter...and this is perfect.

Have a DR650 for more off road riding

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It is sort of amazing to me, how many people who have sold their V-Strom (for whatever reason) come back to owning one.:thumbup:

I think it speaks to the quality and sheer do a bit of everything fun that the 'Strom embodies. Since I started riding 5 years ago, I have gone through 5 other bikes. The one that has stayed with me that entire time is the Wee. I suspect that as long as they are around any I am healthy enough to keep riding, one of my bikes will be V or a Wee. They are just flat out fun. :hurray:
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