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I have Friday off work and it looks like it will be a decent day to go for a ride. I'm going to hit up some of the best roads in Haliburton and south Algonquin area.

Meeting Spot: 8:30am depart from the Timmies in Port Perry @ 1889 Scugog St:

Route: something like:
Gas stops every 200km or so.

Pace will be fun in corners and responsible on the straights - keeping in mind the high possibility of sand in corners, and many twisty roads, so not for very new riders.

I'm going to pack a lunch and eat at a nice spot by a lake. If anyone needs, I will have a top case to carry some lunch/drinks and our first stop is a place where some light food and snacks can be bought (Flynn's @ 507).

I'm heading out from Mississauga, so round trip distance for me will be around 700km. Leaving Mississauga around 7am and leaving Port Perry at 8:30am.

Post up or PM if you are interested, otherwise I will leave much earlier and ride longer.
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