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Saturday we saw two white patrol cars parked opposite the weigh station at the top of Bells of Line then the green HWP car parked perfectly to catch you if you speed into 60k zone at Hampton on the way to Oberon ( I agree with his placement entering 60k zones small towns) then later in the arvo another (or the same) green HWP south of Bathurst and then another white patrol car doing the rounds of Mt Panorama.
Total of 6 police cars all with speed traps attatched to roof within a 6 hour ride.... sooooo any hour without seeing a police car in the blue mountain locality on a weekend is rare. Unless you have a couple of thousand dollars worth of gear from your just lucky not to get fined! although I do grab the bakes even when Im not over the limit, it must be an automatic reflex by now !!!!!
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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