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What Kinda Bike Is That?
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A week ago yesterday, while riding the final leg of that weekend's trip, (story here), I felt something strike my right boot.

I did not feel like a rock. Nearly every time a rock hits my boot, I will hear a "richochet / ping" of the rock hitting something metal on the bike before making contact with a part of my riding gear. This time, I didn't hear anything.

As I rode on from the point of impact, I started to look around the bike; up front, down the tubes, over the right side. I didn't see anything hanging off the bike, or about to fall off the bike.

I began to think that maybe a bird had swooped in too close and came to their demise against my bike and boot. I actually began to convince myself that this is what happened..........even though there were no feathers or evidence of "organic matter" anywhere on my gear or my bike.

It bothered me.......

Yesterday, while doing some maintenance on the bike, I found my answer. One of my Superbrace bolts had backed out and was gone. In fact the whole brace was rattling around loose on my tubes! The reason I was checking the front end was, for the past several days, the reaction of the suspension hasn't felt just right; not as "tight" as it usually is over "known" bumps.

Even though I had used Blue Locktite, the bolt backed out. It was the inside, right bolt. Coincidentally, it was my right fork seal that had gone bad last Fall and fork oil had seeped onto the forkbrace. My guess is, when I reinstalled the forkbrace after replacing the fork seal, some oil was on the thread of the bolts, contaminating the threadlocker.

I rode to Lowe's this afternoon. They have bolts that will match up to what the OEM Superbrace bolts are. They come in packages of two and the details are in the pics below, (The "silver" bolt is the OEM Superbrace bolt). I cleaned all four bolts with acetone before applying threadlocker and cinching them down. I will carry the extra bolt in my spare parts / tool kit.

Cost $1.09 / 2 (includes ME tax)


PS: I also went around the whole bike cinching down all bolts. I found a few loose fairing bolts.


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Good find, mate. I'm going to check mine. Thanks for the post.
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