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Fork mounted lights

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For Conspicuosity. I have searched the threads, want to have more triangular light print than putting them on the light bar under the headlights, looked at the reflector boss - 5 mm bolt, the fender mount - 6 mm bolt, plus the possibility of crushing the fender mount tab when tightening. Then I saw the axle is hollow. What would be wrong with running a 5/16th or 3/8th bolt all the way through and mounting the LED's on the ends? What am i missing, besides adding to unsprung weight?
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Thanks for your responses - I may go with the add on to the engine guards, as it keeps the extra weight off the forks.
Lights are, well, light...weight should not be a concern. Mine weigh mere ounces.
It is far better to mount auxilary lights as high as possible on the bike rather than low down.

Check out the link below from iron butt website.

IBA - World's Toughest Motorcycle Riders
He's mounting them for conspicuous lighting, higher (and thus closer to the headlights) is the wrong direction.

The "triangle of light" works better the farther the points are away from each other.
Trangle of light maybe effective for trains no proof it is effective for bikes.
I'm not going to bicker about the study, it's obviously important to you since you're invested in debunking it.

I've seen enough bikes from the cage, and led enough both with and without running lights to know that they are vastly more visible and noticeable than bikes without, and if I can see it than there's a good chance that everyone else can.

And, frankly, that can only be a good thing and there's not a single downside to being more visible.

Well, hell, maybe you'll tell us there is one.
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