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Fork mounted lights

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For Conspicuosity. I have searched the threads, want to have more triangular light print than putting them on the light bar under the headlights, looked at the reflector boss - 5 mm bolt, the fender mount - 6 mm bolt, plus the possibility of crushing the fender mount tab when tightening. Then I saw the axle is hollow. What would be wrong with running a 5/16th or 3/8th bolt all the way through and mounting the LED's on the ends? What am i missing, besides adding to unsprung weight?
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I don't like frame mounted headlights, I perfer fork mounted lights that turn, especially for trail/offroad riding at night

been looking for a way to mount fork mounted auxillary lights, but I'm kinda leary of mounting them unsuspended in fear that the bulbs and mounting hardware wouldn't hold up to the vibration

wish I had the resources to fabricate, I'd design and built a bracket that attaches to the triple tree acts as a fork guard and positons the lights as if they were bolted to the reflector boss

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