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Thoughts and questions.

I have a 2011 with 2k miles. I have been ridding in a lot of gusty wind and getting blown all over the road. I know this is typical but it seemed like more than normal (other bikes).

I installed a fork brace at 1k miles and it helped substantially but not as much as I was hoping. So I did some research here and decided to lower the front (raise the fork). It was quite easy to loosen the top clamp (one screw) and the bottom clamp (two screws) on each side. I did these one side at a time to make sure the fork didn't move more than wanted. I don't have a center stand so this was a bit of a wrestling match with the front end.

I couldn't get the height on both exactly the same. One is at ~10mm and the other is probably ~10.5mm -

My questions - Is there a trick to get them exact? Do I need the center stand to do it? Is it ok to leave them with a .5mm difference? If left will there be more pressure (wear and tear) on one side or odd wear on the tire?

Took it out as is and MAN what a stability difference. I know some of the change may be between my ears but it really made a real handling difference. Not sure why they don't come stock like this?

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0.5mm isn't much. I'll leave the high one with snug but not tight screws and use a rubber mallet for fine adjustments. It's easier with a center stand. You're probably fine as is.
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