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Serious riders need as much armor as they can get, and the Action Shorts from Forcefield answer the call by providing additional protection in areas where traditional leather suits - and even other aftermarket armor, leave something to be desired in the hips, thighs and coccyx. These areas are particularly vulnerable as they’re rarely covered by much more than thin foam in the best cases. Forcefield Action armored riding shorts come equipped with SEVEN separate pieces of armor, all of which incorporate Nitrex shock absorption technology. This fantastic armor is CE-certified for impact absorption and, because it’s based on the same material used in Forcefield back protectors, it has not only outstanding performance, but also excellent comfort.

Because seven separate pieces of armor are employed, flexibility is not compromised which, in turn, allows the rider uninhibited movement about the bike. Furthermore, each piece of the Forcefield Armor is made up of separate layers of different densities stacked on top of each other - not glued together like other impact armor, which allows each piece to quickly mold itself against the body in addition to its inherent flexibility. Breathability is looked after too, with each piece of armor allowing air to pass through a triangular grid which also reduces overall weight too. The BeCool chassis that houses each piece of removable armor also aids in cooling as it has a greater diffusive area than standard fabrics. This soft material is sewn together with flat seams so it won’t chafe skin as it comfortably holds the armor in the correct position.

Action shorts are also available in two styles: Sport Armour and Pro Armour. We recommend the Pro Armour Action Shorts for maximum protection as these have an extra layer of or impact-absorbing Nitrex on each piece of armor. The Sport Armour, by virtue of being thinner, is slightly more flexible and is perfect for riders that want to upgrade their suit’s lower body protection but don’t have much room to do so.

To provide maximum protection, Forcefield Action Shorts are available in different sizes. For more information, call Mike at 866.931.6644 ext 804 or send an email to FORUM at RIDERSDISCOUNT dot COM with FORCEFIELD ACTION SHORTS in the subject line and we’ll get back to you right away.

Forcefield Action Shorts have seven separate pieces of Nitrex armor that cover the thighs, hips, butt and coccyx in a flexible, comfortable design.

Here is a look at the Action Shorts from the rear.

Each piece of CE-certified armor can be easily removed from the shorts when they need to go in the wash.

Forcefield armor is clearly labeled for position and orientation so you won’t mix it up when the replacing them after washing your shorts. Also, notice the triangular holes which allow skin to breathe through the armor.

Because the armor used in Forcefield’s Action Shorts is not entirely glued together, it’s very flexible and consequently, very comfortable.

Forcefield Action Shorts are a must-have accessory for any rider that’s serious about their safety on the track.
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