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I've been calling around and speaking with many folks on this subject, trying to find an answer, but no one seems to know.

So, I will ask here, because someone will have the answer to my question for sure.

On my V-Strom, I had put on a pair of Moose off-road footpegs. I like the feel of them, the wideness works well and I like having a non-slip surface to put my feet on. Unfortunately, I also wanted a bit more leg room on the bike. I called out to Motorcycle Larry and ordered a set of his lowering adaptors and now I have the leg room. Too bad that the way the adaptors work, the Moose footpegs no longer fit.

The problem is that the stock footpegs are made so there is a spring in the 'slot' in the middle of the stock DL1000 footpegs and this is the slot that fits into the adaptors by Motorcycle Larry. The pegs that they sell for the V-Strom are the same pegs that fit the KLR650. They use a completely different mounting system. However they work in the stock mounts on the V-Strom.

Has anyone else done this? I would love to have both my off road footpegs and the lower postiion that the Motorcycle Larry adaptors offer.

Yep, I even called Motorcycle Larry and asked him. He referred me to the knowledge base of this board.

Thanks in advance.
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