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Folding Rear brake pedal?

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Does anyone know if there is a folding rear brake pedal replacement available for the 1050? If not, is there a cheaper aftermarket pedal available to keep as a spare? Are the previous generation the same?

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I think it will be hard to find a good quality folder pedal.
Are you asking to have as a a spare? To take on the road with you in case you need replace at the side of the road?

Here is the part number and Canadian dealer price.

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While it doesn't solve a replacement, but if you want a folding brake pedal, have a look at the mod done in reply #2 of parts help needed
Thanks for the tips. I am looking at my options. I did find this as an option.
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Thanks for the tips. I am looking at my options. I did find this as an option. View attachment 316155
Same one I referenced above with Canadian Pricing.

Call your local Suzuki dealer and they will tell you how soon they can get it.
Growing up my dad used old clutch cables and brass electrical wire joiners to secure my gear levers and brake pedals to the bikes frame, in the event of a unplanned get off the cable would stop the pedal or lever being pulled out of line,

It is harder to do on a strom as we don't have a frame but most of us do run bash plates.

You can now buy them in a kit so you don't need to make your own.

Google brake snake.

If you use the brass wire connector they can be used over & over again and can be adjusted if required, they can stretch after use.
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