Hi Guys!

After my last tryout to repair my Flywheel and Stator, i used JB Weld to fix the "Magnetos on the run"🤪 all went fine, but i made a big Mistake:cautious:
Seems that i didn't use enough Loctite to secure the 3 Bolts, wich are (normally) holding the Stator in the Lid(?)....and so came the noise. Rammstein-Like🤯

And this is, what it looks like.....

My new Pacemaker had to work hard, as i opend the housing cover:eek:

The Bolt crushed one Magneto out of Place and i can't get it back in Position, without destroying it, i think.
My Girl tried to help me (and i love her for that🥰 to the sun and back) but she got the wrong edition, with 4 Magnets, i need a Wheel with 6🤨

So i am still looking for a 6er wheel!

Maybe i can change it for the "wrong" one, it comes with the complete Freewheel (?)/ gearwheels(?) including a financial adjustment?
Otherwise, you geht fully paid and i sell the 4 MagWheel to someone else.

I know, the shippingcosts are enormous🤮 and german Customs are a Pain in the A**, but i can't find a one in the european places.

Time is not the factor, i can wait. Kitty is not runnig, the (bad) vibrations of the Engine are too heavy to ride it with the dislocated Magnet.
If you need further informations, ,like OEM Number or someting else, please let me know
That's it for the moment, i'm looking forward to your offers, or other ways to help me.

I appreciate this very much!

Thx for reading, have a nice time and stay healthy!

And excuse my diction, my tech-speech is a little rusty🙃