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Make plans now to attend, in the mild-temps of mid-November:

Florida Coast2Coast Ride
Saturday - November 12th., 2011

FLC2C 2011

Come enjoy/experience one of the best rides in the Sunshine State & come see Florida like you have never seen it!!!

Get out & come explore Florida!!!


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Sorta like your own terrain ...

Of course Florida has nothing to really match the Hill Country of Texas,
but Al shows us where some interesting hilly country can be found in
the Sunshine State.

Where but Florida would you find a town named Howie-in-the-Hills?

Well, Pennsylvania comes to mind. That state surely has some
intriguing place names, Intercourse for one, but I digress ...

Consider riding the C2C ride next month.

For one thing, I will be there. You don't often see a CBR-125R
in Florida, but if you look just under me, you will see one there.

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