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'Florida Coast2Coast Ride III Afterthoughts'

The first 'Coast to Coast' ride across Florida, hosted by my parents, took place on October 30th., 2008
25 Year's Later -- the tradition continues!!!

By taking the less traveled road will relax you and enhance the enjoyment of the ride.

There is no better way to view Florida's scenery than along the back roads.

The Florida Coast2Coast Ride IV route will include the diverse symphony of tree-canopy roads -- that will give the riders a secluded feeling -- through country forest and lush serene meadows -- through strawberry fields and orange groves -- along scenically river/lakeshore lanes -- over the gentle rolling hills of north central Polk county -- into the wide open panaromic vistas of CR532 (Nova Rd.).

Florida Coast2Coast Ride IV -- will be like experiencing the sensation of being transported into a different side of Florida that most folks do not know exists.
The Florida Coast2Coast Ride offers magnificent scenery -- a sampling of landscapes far different from the image most folks have of the Sunshine State.

Florida Coast2Coast Ride IV
25 Year's Later
October 11th., 2008

Be there!!!

Come Explore Florida!!!
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