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Fitting Barkbusters & Modifying

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I fitted a set of Barkbusters VPS to a new set of Protaper ATV Hi Bars.
They were replacing the factory guards on the factory bars.
I have included a bunch of pics for you to compare.
The VPS offer less coverage / weather protection than the factory guards.
The barkbusters however are a MUCH stronger upgrade.

In short - the bends make things wider than they need to be.

Factory max width - 910mm
Barkbusters + Protapers - 970mm
Re-bent Barkbusters - 925mm

A drill hole right where the VPN screw mounts and some bending - presto - 2" saved. Still has plenty of clearance for levers.

Look at that gap!

Much better


Redrilled hole.

Re-bent somewhat. They bend ok.