I bought this top rated jacket hoping it might fit me....but it doesnt. I need a 2X

Top of the line Firstgear TPG Rainier XL
Has all the features a $400 jacket should.
Compare to KLIM & other high end stuff.
Only missing the liner. Very good condition.
A couple of very small rodent damage spots that dont show in normal use.
Freshly cleaned.
Price is Shipped to most locations

Shipping to PacNW or NewEng states may cost xtra...ask for a quote

I also have a pair of older Firstgear HT overpants size 40 waist 32 inseam in very good condition. These come with adj Tempurfoam armor $40
CE knee armor upgrade $10
Sleeve Grey Denim Tints and shades Electric blue

Outerwear Sleeve Textile Grey Denim

Brown Sleeve Grey Collar Beige

Black Sleeve Font Pattern Fashion design

Sleeve Grey Collar T-shirt Font

Sleeve Collar Natural material Fixture Fashion accessory

Sleeve Grey Composite material Denim Shorts

Outerwear Sleeve Grey Bag Waist

Product Bag Sleeve Grey Collar

Sleeve Grey Denim Fashion design Electric blue