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first weekend with the 09 DL1000 - not so good

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I spent my first weekend with my DL1000. Only 4,000 miles on the clock, and on the way home with temps in the upper 80's it died 4 times on my short 15 mile ride home. Sputters/hickups occassionally on light throttle.

Toaday after a 50 mile ride I came out to the garage to find a tablespoon or two of oil on my garage floor under the Vstrom. Removed the chin guard and found oil weeping from the forward cylinder gasket.

Right now I'm seriously thinking of asking for my Versys back. The only silver lining is the bike has two weeks of warranty left.

I may call the BMW dealer I bought it from and ask them to take it to a Suzuki dealer, and have the items repaired.

I hope I did not get a lemon.

Any advice?
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