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Okay, before anyone says it, I have searched and read, but I don't find specifically what I'm looking for, so I'm asking.

I am not a wrench, but after reading the manual, I don't see any reason I can't do some of the "1st service" items myself; mainly the oil change. I just hit 600 miles, so I don't want to put this off another week.

My questions:
1. Has anyone used a NON-oem oil filter, and if so, exactly which one? I've read Purolaters are god, but I'm going OEM unless someone can say definitively which one I should get.

2. Oil - It seems like oil choice is a bit like religious choice... everyone has an opinion and everyone is right. So I'll keep it simple. I'm familiar with SAE 10W-40 for cars. But there is a difference between car oil and bike oil? (The threads imply there is, but I can't find what the diff is)

Being new to working on my own stuff, unless someone has 1st hand knowledge, I'll just go safe and sane and get OEM filter, and Suzuki oil, and if it costs me a bit more, so be it.

I'm cool with tightening bolts and inspecting stuff. But last question.

3. Manual says to inspect throttle cable play and throttle valve synchronization. I know where my throttle cable is, but where is my synchro, and what exactly am i looking for? Is this best left to a real mechanic?

4. I lied, last question. Does me doing any of this affect the warranty at all?

If I sound nervous, it's only because I am... But an interesting study would be how quickly that nervousness goes away. I knew nothing about home repair when I bought my first home, and with no help, I rewired every lightsocket and switch, put in a gas line for a new stove, put on a new roof, put in new drainage. So it's not that I'm not handy, i'm just new to bikes. In a couple years, I'll be giving advice. Advice like, "Stop being so nervous newbie!"

Thanks in advance for listening and offering info. I'll do the work tomorrow and let you all know how it went...

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First off... welcome!

And your right to be cautious about performing your own maintenance... but routine maintenance can easily be performed by new riders if you're minorly mechanically inclined.

So stop worrying. Go do that oil change yourself.

Seriously, I'll try to answer your questions:

1. I do not know which non-OEM filter to use. I used a Suzi filter for mine on the first oil change. (Mine's still new too!) Check here for more info:

2. The difference? About 4 bucks per quart. Use the car stuff. For the first 10,000 miles run regular dino oil. Then once the motor is run in and everything seats in, you can change to synthetic.

3. No clue. I've never adjusted a throttle on a bike before. Cables don't stretch that much. If it's got a lot of play... read the manual. I'm sure it's in there somewhere.

4. No effect on the warranty whatsoever. Just keep your own maintenance records in case the Suzuki rep complains (if you have any troubles).

But know that the SV based 650cc motors have a strong history. I own a Wee Strom and my Suzuki mechanic hinted that I wouldn't need the extended warantee. They just don't fail.

Good luck with whatever you choose.

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Hi Furious

You shouldn't have any problems with minor work on the bike. Do the new bike check list posted somewhere here( do a search ) and get familiar with the bike. Also just snug up the cooling hose clamps and check anything else you can see but isn't on the list.
As for filter and oil, wow, that is a can of worms. So many different opinions on both. Read the reference chart posted above for info. I use a Suzuki filter presently but will be looking for a cheaper alternative. As for oil, I had the dealer put in synthetic at 600 miles. Can't remember what brand. At present I am using amsoil 10-40 car oil. It works very well and does not cost as much as amsoil MC oil. Use at least a 10-40, not 10-30 or anything lighter. Lighter oils have molifiers that will mess with a bike clutch and make it slip. Just check the oil container designation, if it says energy saver or something similar in the bottom half of the designation label DO NOT use it. Mobil 1 would be my second choice for oil and is readily available. A lot of Strom owners use it. Anyway, that is a bit of my opinion and experience so far . Carry on and have a great ride.

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I agree.....Just go ahead and do it.

I have been using K&N filters only because that is what the cycle shop gave me. I think the on oem filter cost me 9 bucks. Mine is new too but I have done three oil changes.

Oil use any dino oil. I happen to use the Honda oil, again cause that is what they have.

Throttle cable adjustment is best if you use the manuals directions. If you have not a manual here is a paraphrased description:First step: Remove cable adjuster covers, loosen the throttle return cable locknut, and turn adjuster all the way in (completely loose)

Second step: Loosen the throttle pulling cable locknut and adjust cable to allow 2 to 4mm play at the grip (a reference (A) is given here to mention the freeplay). Tighten locknut. (At this point you’re making sure that the pulling cable does not change the idle speed by being too tight.)

Third step: Hold the throttle grip fully closed, slowly turn return cable adjuster until you feel resistance (at this point you’re taking up the play in the grip). Tighten the locknut. (note that there's no mention of freeplay or backing off the cable a quarter turn)

After adjusting the freeplay, make sure you don’t have it so tight that turning the handlebars changes the engine speed. Note…the purpose of the free play in step two is to make sure you don’t pull the throttle valve open/change the idle speed during the cable adjustment. The manual/repair manual has a confusing part that says “DATA: Throttle cable play 2-4 mm”--but it refers to step 2 of the process.

And you do not have a syncro. That refers to the throttle bodies, as in getting them to be syronious (not a speller) with each other. There are special tools to buy for this but a homemade unit actually works a little better. I have done it but it is very hard describe in words without pictures. The information should be in this forum because I didn't have a clue how to do it until I came to the forum. Maybe a search will help you.
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