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First Maintenance Session

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Mostly, I’m trying to build up my post count so I can buy some stuff over in the flea market - @dmfdmf, if you’re reading, send me a PM so I can buy your crash bars.

But,,, it is the start of the wet season here in the PNWet, and its now time for me to get intimate with my new-to-me V650.

I’ve been riding an ‘03 F650 Dakar since 2007 - very close to 150,000 miles on the original (un-opened) Rotax thumper - 100% maintained by yours truly. Mostly because I’m poor, not because I’m talented.
I fully intend to do the same with this bike. And, because user-friendly maintainence is one of the primary qualifications for any bike I ride, this choice was a no-brainer.

When I asked around to other V-strom riders how easy they were to work on, all I got was blank stares. “Dunno,,, I never have to work on it” was the usual reply. LOL!
Obviously, one problem is they’re not riding enough, but who am I to judge?

Box checked!
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I have a 2012 model. A great bike and very reliable and fun to rode. Not nearly as many miles as others on the forum but 90,000km..maybe 56,000 miles and lots of longer trips under my belt. I do my own oil changes, air filter, plugs, coolant etc. A bit of a pita removing the plastics to access items but you certainly can save big dollars by doing yourself. Have left valve check to others but no shims needed at all yet.
A huge wealth of info on this forum and many members do much of the work themselves.
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