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OK, technically my first farkle could be considered either my MotoCentric bags (tank, saddle, tail) or my Dan Vesel 'luggage guard plus tool tube'... but those seem so utilitarian, don't really think of them as farkle.

The "first" (forced) farkle is to replace a front right-hand turn signal, from... you guessed it... a tipover. Not the slo-mo kind I've read of so often, but so quick that my first sense of it was when my head (with brain bucket) hit the pavement. Turning out of a parking lot after a dance, all I can think of is that I must have hit the brake while turned and caused an "accelerated descent."

I was really quite shocked, and first thought was to just get the bike upright. I was an hour from home, and was halfway there before I realized that the right turn bulb was dangling from its wire. I didn't check for any other damage until the next morning, and all I found was some road rash on the right quarter fairing and my helmet, plus some scrapes on the brake lever and bar-end weight.

Feeling relieved that I didn't have horrible body damage to repair, I did the usual search, and ended up ordering the Touratech mini-blinker set. Sure I need only one, but for about $15 more than the single OEM light I get a set of four that are less likely to get snapped off. :)

That triggered a bit of "delayed farkle syndrome," is all I can call it. I now also have Pat Walsh's "Black Max" Stebel horn setup on the way, and tomorrow will be placing a Twisted Throttle order that I'll detail later... except for mentioning that it DOES include SW-MOTECH crash bars. :)

Anyway... I figured that sharing would be therapeutic, LOL.

You are lucky dude. I am glad you were not hurt. Glad you bike wasn't hurt worse. Had a low speed (25mph) down and my estimate from my local Suzuki Dealer is for over $3000.:headbang: Waiting on the insurance adjuster to see it at the shop (they refused to do it at my house). He is supposed to see the bike tomorrow or the next day (maybe). Love dealing with insurance companies - NOT! Anyhow, glad for you that yours wasn't worse.

And oh, enjoy your bike. The Vstrom is a nice bike.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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