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First adventure ride, first adventure crash!

Rode down an awesome forestry road into a beautiful valley. Bike is fantastic. Rider...not so much!

Route was south on the Blue Ridge Parkway from south Asheville to South 276, and then left down Yellow Gap Road, a national forestry road. I was originally one a pavement-only lunch run when I saw Yellow Gap road beckoning me into the valley. I initially tried to ignore her siren song. After all, I swore to myself it would be only pavement until I got some engine bars and some better hand guards than the plastic OEM junkers. I made it all of 800 feet before I said screw it, that's why I bought this bike, and headed back to the turn off.

I had a blast. Up on the pegs, controls almost dialed in to suit me (need to adjust my shifter back down a touch, new boots and I took it a bit too high), handlebars might could use some risers but haven't decided yet. Loving every second of washboard, puddle busting, squirrely mayhem. Got to a cool place to stop and take a couple of glamour shots (no action cams yet) and a breather, then I turned around to head back out.

On the way back out, I hit a corner with a bit too much speed and misjudged the loose gravel shoulder, lost the front into the ditch. Bike laid down and took a break, and I kept going for a brief flight. I picked her up before thinking of taking pictures, so here's the aftermath:

Gear did its job all around, I ended up with a sore wrist.

Some ibuprofen and ice and I should be right as rain in a few days.


Need engine bars and better handguards. All the damage is cosmetic ADV scars. I'll repair them down the road if I take a notion. :grin2:
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