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mellow up shift from 2nd too third on main street, there it was a false neutral, i was going too rev it a bit and see what gear it would clunk into , but clicked back down into 2nd too be safe,i have owned three yamahas,and three hondas, and never ever had a false neutral,my old suzuki gs 1150 [1984] got them so often in was dangerous when gearing down into a corner,it was a gental shift that caused it, after 3000 k on new bike i figured i was imune too the false nuetral,from what i have read its 5th too 6th where most happen. another tranny trait i had before it was broke in was not shifting up from second too third when engine still cold,had too bring revs up before it would click into gear

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False neutral

Have 600 miles on the WeeStrom and have had a few falsies too. Doesn't bother me much, though. Mabey because I've owned everything from Triumphs to BMW's over the past 31 years and just deal with it. My recently late 1200 Bandit would get a false neutral from time to time as well. If it becomes chronic the dealer will hear about it good'n'quick but I don't think it will.
The list:
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Thinking about a Ural Patrol or GearUp for a stablemate for the 'Strom.

I love this motorcycle s--t!
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