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finally joined the asylum

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i have been looking at the strom when it first came out in 2002, but i bought a triumph tiger instead. i was really interested in the 650 and found a matte black 2008 abs saturday with 9000 miles on it. so i bought it.
much better commuter than my klr650.
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the tig had more was a 955 and the strom is a 650.
the po of the wee put a russle day long seat on it and that is wonderful.
wee gets better gas mileage and runs fine on 87 octane, tig needed 91.
this wee replaced a speedmaster and a klr 650 as i had to pick one bike that would do everything.
all i need is to add some bags and a better wind screen and it will be all set. :thumbup:
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