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Hello.... I can really use some help from you knowledgeable Vstrom guys.
I just moved to Key West Florida and bought this 2012 650 Vstrom with 6,500 miles on it for my only transportation.
There are no motorcycle mechanics here that are any good or knowledgeable enough to work on my bike since the last hurricane. So I need your help please.

My FI light is coming on and it's running rough like only firing on half the cylinder.
Yesterday it would turn over but not fire. Today it will fire but run rough at half the idle.
I just changed out the starter relay under the seat, it was cracked and getting moisture inside the fuse area. It's all good now but it still won't run right.

Any thoughts, ideas or answers.
Thank you

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User Mode (normal running mode)::| if an FI error occurs you will see the "FI" letters displayed in the odometer readout area. If the FI is alternated every 2 seconds with odometer readout & the Red FI lamp on the dash is on solid, the bike will start and run in fail-safe mode. If the odometer readout is FI & the Red FI light lamp is blinking, the bike will not start.

Dealer Mode::| An FI error will be memorized in the ECU when an error is present. This error will stay in the ECU as long as power is not removed from (battery disconnected or ECU unplugged) the ECU and the error has not been cleared. It should be noted, that if an FI error is intermittent, the error code should be checked before the bike is turned off. Carry a spare key & a jumper so the seat can be removed and Dealer Mode entered while bike is still running. As soon as an error is cleared it is removed from ECU memory. You can run the bike as normal when in dealer mode.:| If you are dealing with an intermittent problem, wire it for dealer mode and ride. The code will show when the FI light is on. If the error clears, so will the code.

Dealer Mode Engine connector is under the left side cover behind the seat latch.:| Remove the connector cover to access the connections.:| It has a 6 pin plug with four wires.:| The White/Red & Black/White wires are the ones you will jumper to enable dealer mode.:| In the 6 pin plug they are the ones on the end.

The Dealer Mode ABS connector is located under the left rear fairing next to the ECU. The smaller one with a soft rubber cover is the dealer mode plug.


C00 No error

C11 Camshaft Position Sensor (CMPS) - 1000 Only

C12 Crankshaft Position Sensor (CKPS)

C13 Intake Air Pressure Sensor (IAPS)

C14 Throttle Position Sensor

C15 Engine Coolant Temp. Sensor (ECTS)

C16 Vehicle Speed Sensor Circuit (Front) Malfunction

C17 Intake Air Pressure Sensor (IAPS) - 07 & Up 650 Only

C21 Intake Air Temp. Sensor (IATS)

C22 Atmospheric Pressure Sensor (APS) - 1000 Only

C23 Tip Over Sensor (TOS)

C24 Ignition Signal #1 (Front Coil)

C25 Ignition Signal #2 (Rear Coil)

C26 Ignition System #1 (Side) Malfunction

C27 Ignition System #2 (Side) Malfunction

C28 Secondary Throttle Valve Actuator (STVA)

C29 Secondary Throttle Position Sensor (STPS)

C31 Gear Position Sensor (GPS)

C32 Injector Signal #1 ( Front)

C33 Injector Signal #2 (Rear)

C40 ISC Valve - 07 & Up 650 Only

C41 Fuel Pump Control System (Fuel Pump Relay)

C42 Ignition Switch Signal (Anti-Theft)

C44 Heated Oxygen Sensor (HO2S)

C46 EXCVA Sensor Circuit Malfunction

C49 PAIR Control Solenoid Valve

C60 Cooling fan relay circuit malfunction

C62 EVAP system purge control solenoid valve circuit malfunction

C64 HO2 Sensor #1 Heater Circuit Malfunction

C65 Clutch lever switch issue or Idle speed malfunction (can be caused by any fault that takes the idle speed out of range, TPS and GPS faults for example)
1) Turn the ignition switch to the OFF position.
2) Remove the seat.
3) Put the bike in dealer mode
4) Turn the ignition switch to the ON position.
5) Turn the ignition switch to the OFF position.
6) Then, wait more than 5 seconds.
The ISC valve automatically is set at the PRE-SET position.
7) Take the bike out of dealer mode.

Idle should be at ~1300rpm again.

C91 Vehicle Speed Sensor Circuit (Rear) Malfunction


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This is a minor point, and may not mean anything to anybody except it could lead to a confusing situation:
As Hatchi pointed out, you disconnect the battery or ECU you lose the code stored in memory. If there is a malfunction, the code should still be indicated with the Dealer Mode connector jumpered as described on the post above.
But...Here is a point in my '14 DL1000A Suzuki factory service manual: "Even though DTC-Diagnostic Trouble Code- (C00) is indicated,the previous malfunction history still remains stored in the ECM. Therefore, erase the history DTC memorized in the ECM using SDS(Suzuki Diagnosis System)."

So you fix your issue, clear the code, but unless you use their $$$$ system(I know, I almost bought one, may look into Healtech for their Suzuki scanner when I'm ready to do my throttle body sync), there are stored history codes.
Where this has come into play on other vehicles Ive serviced was when diagnosing an issue and checking codes, history codes were also displayed, with no data displayed showing when those codes were set.
This may never be an issue, but it is a possibility.
Another item: These motorcycle engine control systems are damn near identical to the automotive systems Ive serviced(still do). The motorcycle systems MAY have KAM-Keep Alive Memory, and Adaptive Learned Memory. I would repair the vehicle, clear the code(s), but unless I disconnected the battery and applied the brakes for 30 seconds to deplete the capacitors in the ECU, the vehicle might not run correctly. The ECU would "learn" the condition of various sensors and adjust injection and ignition strategies accordingly. Replace a part, and the system is "off" until I'd clear the KAM or drive it long enough to relearn the system.
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