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Feeler gage recommendation?

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I'm looking for a feeler gage recommendation for a valve adjustment. I have one somewhere from the days when you had set the point gap in those antique distributors, but (a) it might take a week to find it, (b) it's in inches, and (c) I don't know if it has all the thicknesses I will need. If someone could recommend a particular gage that's up to the task it would be much appreciated.
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Any auto parts store will have a metric set of feelers that will work fine for about $5 to $7. Most motorcycle shoppes will have a nice, very complete set from Bikemaster for around $10 (these go a lot thinner than you need).

Seriously -- don't overthink this. The clearances for V-Stroms are in the range of any inexpensive set of feelers -- just make sure you get a metric set. It's just much easier to stay in metric, since the shims are measured in mm.

People who try to convert from inches on the fly too often end up getting the clearances wrong. It's just not worth the hassle and risk.
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