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Fast idle problem

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I recently purchased an '06 Vee from a guy near Las Vegas (7,200 miles when I bought it, 4 weeks ago, 10,200 + miles now) and ever since I've been riding it, it's had an idling problem.

When I clutch to begin braking, the engine speed usually (85% of the time) rests at about 2200 rpms. If I let out the clutch (and therefore engine brake) to bring the rpms down to 2000 or below and then clutch back in and apply the brakes to continue stopping, the bike will idle back where it should, around 1100 - 1200 rpms.

The high idle occurs whether or not I engine brake almost exclusively (but still keep the engine speed above 2200 rpms until I clutch in fully and then complete the stop with the brakes) or don't engine brake at all and just use the hydraulic brakes.

Probably unrelated, but worth mentioning - the bike will also missfire occasionally (probably once every mile or so) when cruising in 2nd or 3rd gears going around town, 25-35mph.

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It sounds like the TB's are out of sync. Just give them a good syncronizing and set the idle speed at about 1200 rpms and all should be good.
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