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Farkles crazy!

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Man, I've gone nuts!
  • Center stand
  • Coocase
  • Hand guards (broke already)
  • Ride It Forever levers
  • Sargent seat
  • Grip puppies
  • Dan Vesel oil/radiator/soft luggage bags
  • Barkbusters to replace handguards
  • New turn signals
  • Soft luggage
  • Madstad bracket
That doesn't count gear I wear.
Feel like I'm missing something too!

Somebody stop me!
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Not an off-roader. Don't anticipate needing an engine guard. And I really don't like the look of the crash bars (although I do like the purpose of them).

I got the levers here on greywolf's recommendation:
Adjustable Custom Brake & Clutch Levers - Sport bike Racing Parts-Performance Sportbike Custom Levers,Rear sets,Billet Mirror,Sport bike Accessories
You can probably find them cheaper. Hope they fit under the Barkbusters (don't have them yet). If not I'll go back and order the double adjustable ones. Those are pretty slick.

I'll post a pick when all is hooked up and installed. New turn signals came yesterday but I won't be able to install them for a while.

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Here are some pics of some of the stuff. The madstad was like getting a whole new motorcycle! CLEAN AIR! Got the barkbusters on last night too. You can see the Sargent seat, the Dan Vesel bag guard, etc... Oh and the shiny levers! Gotta love shiny. Need to find some Gold Suzuki logos rather than the chrome ones.
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