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Has anyone weighed their farkles to see how much weight stuff adds to a bike?
I am thinking it'd be useful info to have when loading the bike so that it stays under max load weight. Or if one is just curious how much weight a bike actually gains after adding "stuff" to it.

SW Motech crashbars weight 'x' lbs.
SW Motech skid plate weight 'x' lbs.
Givi topcase weight 'x' lbs.
Givi case top plate and side mounting brackets weight 'x' lbs.
Denali headlights + mounting bracket weight 'x' lbs
Madstad bracket...
different windshield...

Also, perhaps info like swapping out stuff for thinstrom parts:
stock muffers 'x' lbs.
brand Y muffler 'x' lbs.

Just a thought!

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