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Offering to lead a group ride.

Heading out to the Slimey Crud Run offers many good choices and opportunity for fun riding.

The planned route uses parts of all of my trips out there, lead by others who knew the area. So it should be a great run.

We start in Darien, at US 43 (exit 15)and Hwy 14 you can see the route below. It is about 125 miles according to MapSource.

The West Wind Diner
620 N. Walworth St.
Darien, WI


Open all night thru Sunday evening if you want some breakfast allow your self some time before the kick stands up by time of 7:30am.

There will be turn by turn route sheets for everyone. I will leave some at the restruant/register or post board if they have one, if someone arrives late and would like to follow the route.

Hope to see you there...

With kickstands up by 7:30am we should get there just after ten.

Here is a sneak peak of my "go to slimey route".....

That is my plan, and as a reminder all plans subject to change.

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More Slimey

Hey David and or anybody else interested,
We have a small group meeting for breakfast at The Rio Grande restaurant at 524 W. Main in Stoughton at 8 a.m. with departure scheduled by 9.
We will head South on 138 to Cooksville than West on 59 and 92 to S into Pine Bluff.

The more the merrier, especially if you're on a V-strom or any Italian bike!
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