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Fair price on a 2011 ABS Wee Strom?

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I've been looking at new V-strom 650s and I got a quote from a dealer on a new 2011 ABS 650 for $7600 including dealer prep, shipping and setup fees. $7000 for the bike, $600 in dealer fees.

Is this a decent price. I guess list is $8100 (+ dealer prep etc.). I've no idea if the V-strom is usually discounted or not. I know some bikes sell at the sticker price (or even higher), depending on supply and demand but I've no idea what the 2011 V-strom 650 ABS usually sells for.

Since it's a new bike I could shop around a few more dealers I guess but I'd appreciate any comments on what price range I should expect. I'm in NJ if that makes a difference.

Thanks in advance for any help with this.
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The bike cost the dealer 6990. They get paid from Suzuki to put it together. The lowest I had heard of is 7300 +tax. Work from their.
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