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First, made some bushings for it out of aluminum rod I found after figuring out the OD, ID and length I needed. First time using a lathe, with guidance from someone experienced.

Mount it up and I don't like what I see. The rear tire's still on the ground and the lifting arm is making contact. The first part I'm not completely surprised by as I've modified the suspension a bit including different rear dog bones. The lifting arm making contact, I know that's normal on Vstroms but IMO it's a sh*t-brain idea. More stable this way I hear some say. Perhaps, given the relatively small feet that comes with it, anything might help. What happens when I use it on softer ground and bike starts falling over to the right from so much less ground contact surface area on that side? Nope, not gonna be even a remote possibility with my bike.

Tack on some scraps of 5/8" square tubing to see what happens...

Now we're talking, the tire's actually off the ground.

Time to make something permanent. Start off with some 1-1/2" square tubing scrap cut down to 5/8" height.

Play with the dials and switches on this big blue beast in preparation for molten metal fun..

And the initial fore/aft welds are done. A few pics are missing, namely, my grinding down the bottom of the platforms at the angle needed so they would sit flush to the ground as shown here..

And the lifting arm is off the ground as it should be.

And then more pics are missing - playing with the bench top metal brake making the bottoms of the platforms, the remaining welds being completed and a bit of grinding/sanding before I had it powdercoated as you see it here..

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