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This is my way of getting just a little more room for my big feet.
Purchased the Studebaker folding tip shifter lever from Vstroma and a +20 shifter tip from Hammerhead Designs. Drilled out the rivet on the Studebaker lever and removed the tip. The diameter and position of the hole on the Studebaker part don't match up with the Hammerhead tip, so I had a machinist bore out the hole to match up. Then it was just a matter of swapping out the stock lever. Oh, and spring that came the the Hammerhead tip didn't fit so I tried to modify the Studebaker spring... resulting in a totally mangled, useless piece of misshapen wire. So I found small piece of flat steel I was able to substitute for an actual spring.

Had it on for a little over a month now. Works great! :D


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