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I had the chance to make a run down hyway 1111 that runs south to Sierra Blanca Texas, truly a god-forsaken hole off of I-10. :|However enticing me was to at least touch some dirt in the Indian Hot Springs and Quitman Pass area. :|I have a feeling much of this may be gated on big ranches, but Quitman Pass offers what looks to be many miles of riding. Also, on one divergence I took, there was a gate but, a road that went along the fence maybe there are some work arounds.

I was on my VStrom, alone, and very remote. Since I needed to ride the VStrom back to Austin, I opted only for about 10 miles of dirt or so. :|A flat, or busted bike, all alone out here is not good! The road had several low water sandy wash outs, but other wise pretty good graded gravel. But, again, a rain storm could turn this road into a sticky mess very quick I am sure. :|

I would like to take a full day to really explore and see where all of this goes to!

In total, my trip to do some work in West Texas netted me about 1,400 miles on the VStrom. :|It loves to purr at 6,000 RPM, and 80ish MPH. All the while getting 45-49 MPG! :|This bike really wants to go about 85-90, and I had to keep it dialed down since I did not want to get a ticket. :|Also, the bike is very smooth, and very rarely did I ever get any "tingly fingers"! :|For dirt exploring, it really needs some higher bars, and a more 30/70 dirt tire. :|While the bike is very stable at speed, I noticed a bit of vaugness over 100 MPH, maybe due to the big top case on the back, and the suspension needing a bit more dialing in. :|Overall, very comforatble and ridable for big days in the saddle!

This is VERY remote.....quite nice, and I want to explore more! :|Fortunately I had an i phone and the qps was easily able to locate me, and show the roads!

Started to get a bit loose and sandy.....did not want to have to pick up this bike alone, so I turned back. :|Will be back! :|Its a long venture down here, and there is always the risk of running into some locked gates, so will take some time for further exploration.....

Your retirement villa awaits! :|Just needs a "little work" but boy the taxes are low!

Reward for my excursion....end of a good day!
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