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Kuryakyn longhorn mounts
Kuryakyn 1" clamps
Custom Chrome Extended control pegs

While you really dont need the clamps with the Walsh bars, you do need them for this setup, otherwise you will want to use the regular Kuryakyn offset mounts.

The benefits of using the Longhorns is that they lock in place, and are highly unlikely to swivel out of place, they are far more adjustable (once you take the clamp into account), and are 1/2" closer to the bike than the other offset model.

So far the best prices that I've found are at a local store which has been really helpful. I know they stock Kuryakyn, but they'll prolly have to order the Custom Chrome pegs.

I have no affiliation with these guys, I just like to support small businesses, especially when they have great prices and service!

And then the 12979 footpegs (from those guys^)
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