My continuous Strom ownership started in 2003 with an 02 custom painted Tangerine Pearl 1000 (the Great Pumkin)
Now...10 Stroms later...this 2014 is For Ive purchased a 2019 Triumph Tiger 800 XRT

The 2014 DL1000 has a loooog list of farkles & has given me miles n miles of troublefree riding....jus like the other 9 previous DLs....5 650s & 5 1000s

Fuel tank Tire Wheel Automotive fuel system Plant

Tire Wheel Fuel tank Plant Vehicle

The "Jerry" sticker on the stock shield is worth $95 by itself.... check ebay
Tire Wheel Fuel tank Plant Automotive fuel system

Yosh pipe shown in this pic has been sold. Stock exhaust now installed
Sargent seat shown in pics has been sold
Givi Luggage not included.

The bike has had all the applicable recalls performed.
Coolant & brake/clutch fluid changed last year.
Engine oil & filter jus changed at 20K
Always synthetic 10w40 by me.
Dont ask me "hav the valves been adjusted"? NO....I dont throw money away on unnecessary maintenance.
After 30K for valve adj on a Strom is perfectly fine (Yamaha recommends 28K on their shim type bikes) Ive waited until 50K without issues on my other Stroms. The mechanic was impressed with the engine's internal spicnspanness. That bike was sold at 84K & running great.
....& Iridium spk plugs DO NOT need replacing at 7500 miles!! As per Suzuki manual
This bike runs great.
Tires have plenty of life left on them
Front Bridgestone A40 mfg 1918
Rear Bridgestone BW502 mfg 4519
Watch Analog watch Clock Gauge Measuring instrument

Tire Wheel Grille Automotive tire Automotive lighting

Hood Automotive tire Motorcycle Automotive lighting Automotive mirror

Automotive tire Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Sleeve Automotive design

Tool Hand tool Metalworking hand tool Household hardware Nickel

Crankset Automotive lighting Automotive tire Hood Alloy wheel

& now.....The list....
S2 Concepts color matched adjustable front fender (up for kbobbie..dn fr street)
Ebay rear fender hugger (simple design)
45° valve stems
Buyers choice of windshields...
Puig Touring 22" tall (not shown) or
2018-19 style Windshield w/Puig adj visor on top edge (want both shields add $75)
R&G stainless radiator guard
Altrider rear brake m cyl guard
Altrider exh valve guards
Touratech hand guards
Touratech crash bars
Touratech skid plate. Well made design
Suzuki accy center stand
Univ helmet lock on rear lugg plate
AdventureTech footpeg lowering kit
AdventureTech Accy/GPS mount
SW Motech ION adj footpegs
SW Motech Steelrack top luggage plate
Givi rear top plate supports
Givi Monokey case mount hdw
Givi quick release tankring
Givi quick release side Monokey racks.
Yamaha style mirrors
Ebay handlebar riser blocks (simple design)
Seth Lamm taller firmer wider rider seat is on the bike now. Pics in later post
Sasquatch modded stock rear shock w/850lb rate spring or add a 750lb spring for a lighter rider. ($75)

& now............nope....not done yet....
Auxito H7 & H11 LED headlights
Sylvania Zevo amber LED city light
Savage LED Yamaha style turn signals
(these took a bit of adapting to fit...but look great & are nice n brite)
Solar Circuits signal running light modules on front signals (makes ya more visible)
Abrams Edge rear xtra brake light (bright!)
Vizi-Tec SupaBrake programmable flasher for tail/brake & Abrams
FIAMM dual loud horns under beak
Koso heated grips w/constant voltage display
Dual USB power outlet on dash replaced cigar plug
Battery Tender lead
Tire Automotive tire Automotive lighting Light Vehicle


If you would like to have extra spare parts....I have brake pads..clutch & brake levers..high quality JT x ring chain + front & rear sprockets...all brand new. Ask about pricing.